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Evita B. - Creative Developer UX/UI Designer

There are a few distinct components in design & development that when compiled together achieves the best result of success for the campaign or business.


Day to day the number of devices, platforms & browsers that need to work with your site grows. Intutive design represents a fundamental shift in how we'll build websites for the decades to come.


As a long-time practicing web designer/developer, javascript programmer, UI architect, graphic designer, I have spent many years working with images & contemplating structures of composition with image & typography. DHS 508 Trusted User Tester since 2018.


The need to satisfy my creative side is expressed through photography & the images that I am both drawn to as a viewer as well as a maker tend to be the antithesis of the crisp, grid bound, modernist typographic, graphic design that I have spent many years making.


Through the development of several ongoing projects I am trying to understand the themes that run through my work so that I may follow them through to where they take me as an web developer, website manager, applications developer, quality assurance tester, webhost, seo/keyword expert.

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Creative Mind

I have successfully finished all projects & contracts. Tasked to work agile sprints to start &/or finish development. Providing research & understanding to help create user-friendly products & services in a short period of time. While combining proven methodologies with the insight that comes from years of experience & the team’s collective power. Integrating quickly with stakeholders, design & development process to create  design sites/consoles that work best for the end users.


Latest designs....

Creative Portfolio Designs

Ensuring that projects are delivered within client expectations. My imagery is about time, light, motion & the layers of what happens when these elements are mixed together.

The design has to be a careful orchestration of visual & content elements into a composite whole to successfully engage the user.

Flexible Design

Brands that stand the test of time.

My creative side is expressed through photography & the images that I am both drawn to as a viewer as well as a creator tend to be the antithesis of the fluid, intutive, crisp, grid bound, modernist typographic, graphic design. I offer detailed Web application services to fullfill the vision of comprehesive fluid design.


Knowledge is Power Time is Money & as every engineer knows, Power is Work over Time


Inclusive Responsive Design

I Can
Master Your Design

I am skilled in all phases of the website development process; from concept, wireframe creation, mockup design, web page coding, code debugging, W3C validation, 508 compliance, cross browser testing, to social media integration & SEO.

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Mobile App/Web Design

Resposive design that works on all devices. Desktop to Tablet to Phone.

Theme Options

Timeless design that can be improved, recycle a & templated for quick updates.


Features, widgets, patern design with components that help falcilate inclusive design.


Powerful Code

Clean code that uses open source code that is universal-industry focused. HTML 5 mixd with Javascript, .Json, ASP and modern code libraries.


Style guides, creative briefs, user stories, site maps, help guides, help desk scripts, DHS 508 Trusted Tester IV&V documentation. Website/Application Audits.

February 21, 2020

What are Design Principles?

Designers use principles such as visibility, findability and learnability to address basic human behaviors. We use some design principles to guide actions. Perceived affordances such as buttons are an example. That way, we put users in control in seamless experiences.

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Febuary 2, 2020

Designing for Transparency & Inclusion

Inclusive design helps us create products that serve as many people as possible. While accessibility is a core objective, inclusion means much more. It enables people with diverse characteristics to use your product in a variety of different environments.

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January 12, 2020

Laws of UX

There are certain UX Laws which can help you to create a better user experience.

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Febuary 2, 2017

BBJ People On The Move

I joined GKV to work on the Maryland Lottery, Old Bay, CMS.gov sites, Sprint, & Bridgestone Golf.

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